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Archive for the ‘Nepal Sanitation Project’ Category

Posted by Joe Gonzalez, December 22, 2012 18:02

Joe just returned to the U.S. after a trip to Nepal and India to check in on some of the projects we’re doing in that area.  While in Nepal he met with staff from Citta, the local non-profit who we are collaborating with for the Nepal Bathroom Project.  Back in September, team members from Citta had traveled to the school sites in the Limi Valley where our project will be done.  The schools are extremely remote and involves a four day WALK to a height of 4000 meters in order to reach them.  Luckily, Joe did not have to make this journey!  Due to the logistics for this project, it will likely be Spring of 2013 before work is fully completed.  The end result will be a simple toilet facility at three different schools in these small villages where the children currently have nothing.  The toilets will be constructed using local materials (such as dry stone construction and a basic septic tank) as there is no easy way to get other types of materials to this location.

Shown here are images of the three schools where the toilets will be built.  This is an exciting project for us, working in a very remote region of the world and it is possible through the generosity of our Donation Team who is funding this project!