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Archive for the ‘Stove Project’ Category

Posted by Joe Gonzalez, April 10, 2013 14:08

Imagen 053We received our final report from the NGO El Porvenir who ran the Stove Project in Terrabona Nicaragua and all of the families now have their new stoves installed.  The project created a simple solution to a problem that faces many families in Nicaragua and in other rural communities around the world.  Properly designed and vented stoves provide high efficiency in burning wood which means less wood is needed, and smoke is pulled out of the home through a ventilation stack.  The change speaks for itself:

“You all have brought me a great blessing. I have a very beautiful stove; I don’t know how to
thank you all. My head doesn’t hurt anymore; I don’t suffer from exhaustion. The doctor had
prohibited me from being around smoke, and now I have achieved that. My health is better. I
wouldn’t change this stove for anything.” – Doña Blanca Rosa Soza Torres

“I feel relief because I cook calmly, without smoke choking me. My children are able to be close
by when I’m cooking, and it doesn’t harm them. How happy I feel.” – Doña Amparo Carmela Hernández

The images shown here include just a few of the families who benefit from having the new stoves installed in their homes.  Look on the walls and you’ll see our logo alongside a maintenance information sheet provided by El Porvenir to ensure the stoves are kept up by the owners.  The stoves will provide countless wonderful meals for everyone!

Many thanks to our Donation Team who made this project possible.

Imagen 021Imagen 035Imagen 064