The Problem

The community of Anyajua has a busy marketplace frequented by the local population for a wide range of goods and services. Unfortunately there are no proper sanitation facilities available anywhere nearby.

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  • 500

    People Served

  • Funded by

    10 Donors

The Solution

A new three room toilet structure will be constructed to provide the marketplace proper sanitation facilities.

Donation Team

  • James B.
  • Carrie-Ann B.
  • Caitlin C.
  • Bruce D.
  • Jean P.
  • Renee S.
  • Deborah S.
  • Craig Z.
  • In memory of Benjamin C. Arredondo
  • In memory of Bill Lyon

Project Updates

  • Aug 2019

    • The local organizers of the marketplace have determined this area behind the main market to utilize for construction.

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