The Problem

Cooking is a basic part of everybody’s life. In Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, wood is traditionally used for cooking. The open fire cooking results in household air pollution, causing respiratory illnesses, heart problems and even death.

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The Solution

We have provided the funds necessary for 20 cookstoves to be built for local families working with the local nonprofit, Tui’k Ruch’Lew. The new stoves greatly reduce the amount of wood fuel needed and drastically cuts down on household air pollution.

Donation Team

  • Alisun A.
  • Andrew F.
  • Barbara W.
  • Daniel M.
  • David W.
  • Ellen D.
  • GymNation
  • Karla J.
  • Leah Z.
  • Michael L.
  • Nate M.
  • Pam C.
  • Rosalyn U.
  • Suzanne B.
  • Toby S.
  • In memory of Benjamin Quesada
  • In memory of Diane Savino
  • In memory of Joe Gallante
  • In memory of Joe Haffey
  • In memory of Julia Miles
  • In memory of Lou-Ann Vartanian
  • In memory of Mary McLean
  • In memory of Mary Zamel
  • In memory of Tom Duyek
  • In memory of Tony DeMarco
  • In memory of Yolanda Cerrone

Project Updates

  • May 2021

    • Staff from Tui’k Ruch’Lew make visits to all the homes where they will be installing new stoves. Existing conditions can be hazardous to all family members as seen here.

  • Jun 2021

    • New stoves are built onsite at the homes of the families who will receive them.

    • Staff members work directly with the family to give them a thorough understanding of how the stoves work.

    • Just a few of the families who are using their new stoves

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