100% Solution

We are working to build a community of donors who help provide funding to a community in need. All of the donations from our Subscription for Change program goes directly to projects throughout the world.

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A Subscription for Change

Sign up and help improve a new community every year. It's a subscription to change the world.

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By the Numbers

Take a look at some of the places we've already made an impact. Every year we are working with new communities.

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Welcome to The Project Solution Store. We are always looking at new products to share with everyone, so check in periodically to see what we are offering.

Limited Edition Paul Pope Messenger Bags

In case you didn’t attend New York Comic Con, this is your last chance to pick up these limited edition messenger bags with original art from Paul Pope!  Every bag is numbered and hand signed.  The bags measure 15″ x 13″ and are made of 85% recycled cotton.  The bags will be listed here as long as we have them available.  First come, first served!  Bags are $35.00 each plus shipping.


The Project Solution T-Shirt

This is the original Project Solution t-shirt showing our logo across the front. All shirts are black with white ink. We only use organic cotton shirts and soy inks to not only provide you with a quality product, but ensure that we tread lightly on our planets resources. T-Shirts are $15.00 each plus shipping.


Greeting Cards
This is a set of four greeting cards.  All of the images were taken by children in Cameroon.  You will receive the four cards plus four envelopes.  The inside of the cards are blank and the back includes our logo.  (If you need multiple sets, you will have the option of adding a quantity once you click the “Add to Cart” button)