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We are working to build a community of donors who help provide funding to a community in need. All of the donations from our Subscription for Change program goes directly to projects throughout the world.

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By the Numbers

Take a look at some of the places we've already made an impact. Every year we are working with new communities.

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As part of our Art Project Solution program, a portion of the funds raised during our silent auction is sent back to the students who took part in the photography class. Receiving some  money helps the young artist understand that regardless of age, their creation has value.   Joshua Chiamba from RUDEC in Cameroon met with the students to give out the funds and thank them for their participation.  One of the mothers told Joshua, “I was always challenging my daughter.  She was not doing anything until I saw (the) pictures and started believing her as she told me she snap them herself…I will always support her.”


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