A Subscription for Change

Signing up for our annual Subscription for Change® program is the most effective way to help fund projects on an ongoing basis and the most POWERFUL solution. It’s a subscription that changes lives.

Subscribers are the backbone of our community and allow us to forecast how many projects we will be able to fund for the year. Consider signing up for this life-changing program.

$50 per year

While you can sign up for our Subscription for Change program for any amount of money, we have found that nearly all of our projects are fully funded by an average donation of $50 per person. Put simply, $50 goes a long way in many countries around the world. If you’re living in the United States this amount of money might translate to:

  • A day at the movies

    ...with the kids

  • Less than $1.00

    ...per WEEK

  • Dinner for two

    ...one time all year

  • Ten fancy coffees

    ...per year

What happens when you donate?

Whether you make a one-time donation or sign up for our Subscription for Change program, your money is pooled with others to form a Donation Team for a specific project and ALL of your money goes toward making a difference.

If your donation comes in before we have a project ready, your funds are simply held in our account until we identify a new project. When one is ready to go, you will automatically be assigned to the Donation Team and notified by email about the project.

Over the course of the project, you will receive email updates to see the progress being made and the community you are helping.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.