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We are working to build a community of donors who help provide funding to a community in need. All of the donations from our Subscription for Change program goes directly to projects throughout the world.

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A Subscription for Change

Sign up and help improve a new community every year. It's a subscription to change the world.

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By the Numbers

Take a look at some of the places we've already made an impact. Every year we are working with new communities.

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An annual “Subscription for Change” is the most effective way to help fund projects on an ongoing basis and the most powerful solution.  It’s a subscription that changes lives.  Subscribers are the backbone of our community and allow us to forecast how many projects we will be able to fund for the year based on the available funds.  Consider signing up for this powerful program!
Choose which level you would like to start your subscription at and you can decide to pay via a credit card or through your personal PayPal account.

Choose one of our subscription levels:

Please note that we use PayPal to manage our subscription payment process.  We are currently in the process of doing an update to our mailing address.  For those that would like to send a check, please make it payable to The Project Solution Community and mail it to our temporary address of:

The Project Solution

13 Susan Street

Kingston, NY 12401

Our most common donation is $50.00.  Let’s take a closer look at fifty bucks!

Why $50? We have found that nearly all of our projects are fully funded by an average donation of fifty dollars per person. And put simply, $50.00 goes a long way in other countries. If you’re in a country like the United States, chances are you spend this amount already in some of these ways:

– A latte or fancy coffee drink could run you about $5.00. Skip ten of these drinks ALL YEAR and you’re done.

– Dinner for two. One time in a year.

– Less than one dollar….a WEEK!

– One day at the movies with the kids

If you look at our annual lives in a western country, it’s likely we might spend $50-$100 or more every month for the convenience of a mobile phone or to watch television. The impact this money makes in a developing or third world country is life changing.