How are the projects chosen?

Global nonprofits/NGOs apply for a grant through an online submission. The Project Solution's board members review projects on a quarterly basis to choose projects that we feel will make a long-term impact for a local community. In addition, we look for organizations that have a reputable track record of successful accomplishments before we consider a collaboration.

How does The Project Solution make sure the money is being used for the project?

Before collaborating with an organization, The Project Solution works to ensure that we are partnering with legitimate organizations that are well-established in their community and have done similar projects in the past. These NGOs must prove they are a legitimate nonprofit/NGO under their government regulations. Grant payments are issued in milestones not lump sums, so that we can receive project updates to see the progress and share that with our donors.

When I make a donation do I choose a project or is one chosen for me?

New donations are assigned to the next project in need of funds. If our current project is fully funded, your money is held until a new project is ready and then 100% of your donation is earmarked for that next project. You will automatically be assigned to a Donation Team and notified via email of the project you are assigned to.

I’ve made a donation but it seems to be taking a while to be assigned to a Donation Team for a project. When will I hear about the project?

Though there are many issues facing communities around the world, we work hard to ensure that the organizations we are collaborating with can commit to completing the project and maintain it over time. Seeking out a new organization, vetting them and finalizing a project can sometimes be time consuming, but it allows us more assurance that the work will get done and that your donation is going to make a real difference to a community in need. Sometimes we’ll be able to assign you to a project quickly, but other times it may take longer. We thank you for your patience in advance!

What if I signed up for an annual donation but no longer wish to continue?

There is no obligation to continue with annual contributions to The Project Solution. You may cancel your subscription through your PayPal account at any time. Any money previously sent to us is non-refundable.

Why does it sometimes take a long time to receive a new update on a project?

Working in a developing country can bring a huge range of issues that we may not always consider as a westerner. A couple of real world examples that we’ve already faced include: Waiting two months for the monsoon season to end before work can begin and having a project site buried in an avalanche. With logistics like these, it can sometimes take up to six months to see a project fully completed. We will always send you updates as we receive them.

How can you use 100% of the money for projects?

Our 'Subscription for Change' model and utilizing 100% of these donations from individual donors is one of our most important ideals. We explore various private funding sources such as support from foundations and angel donors to help cover our operational expenses in order to keep the projects 100% donor funded. We also hold various fundraisers throughout the year in order to bring in funds specifically for operations.

How can I help contribute to your operating expenses or travel costs?

If you are an individual, family or organization and you're in a position to help us with operational funding, we would be happy to hear from you. As a small nonprofit, we are always seeking additional funds to cover our general operations and travel expenses when we visit sites. Please contact Joe Gonzalez at

Can I make a donation “In Memory of..” or “In Honor of…” someone?

Yes. If you are making a donation via PayPal, please include a note to indicate that you are making the donation either "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" an individual and include their full name. We will list them as part of the Donation Team.

I represent a nonprofit, how can I submit a project and what are the requirements?

We are always accepting new project proposals. If you are part of an organization that is interested in applying for a grant to fund a project, please read our grant submission documentation on our Submit a Project page.

Do you accept volunteers?

Our model is designed specifically to provide the funding required for projects, and we rely on the local NGO to manage the construction of the project itself. Because of this we don’t accept volunteers for the purpose of travel or work on the projects themselves.