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Collaborating with Aatmiya and Citta, we are working with the Community Hospital of Sitalpati, located in the Sindhuli district of Nepal.  This is a brand new hospital facility that is nearing completion and will serve a catchment region of 10 villages and 50,000 people.

As the hospital construction comes to a close, one of the final needs was a water treatment facility that could provide safe water throughout the hospital for both medical procedures and general use.  In this area of the country the hospital is able to access well water but requires a system to store and distribute treated water that is safe to use within the hospital.

This project has been funded by the generous support of: James B., Elizabeth R., Kevin M., Deanna & Carlos M., Scott C., Darlene M., Elsie R., Mary Kay Y., Tara B., Emily N., Denis & Roseanne B., Carole M., Mary F., Amy G., Marcie C., Suzanne B., Tomislav M., Andrew M., Greg S., Sushil D., Scarlett F., Barbara Z., Mamta P., Bruce D., Luke F., Michael M., Dina W., Jane F., Dan C., David W., Nate M., Tristan D., Ivy L., Gunther P., Karina K., Sara C., Wende J., Kira S. and In Memory of: Marabeth Farmer, Anne Knight, Benjamin Arredondo, Georgian Alvarado, Anne Marie Graffagnino, Jack Brondum, Kevin Heffernan, Amy Ginocchio, Ronnie Wright, Joseph Barbaro, Cliff Wears, Kenneth Kazen, Jack Galanti, Richard Quinn and Denise Pascal.