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The International Disaster Volunteer (IDV) team has made fast work of the first half of this project in Nepal.  Construction went quickly despite the need to hand carry nearly all of the required material directly to the site.  To reach this project location, the IDV team informed us:

“To get there from Kathmandu, one must first take a 5-hr bus to Gorkha Bajar, then take another 3-hr bus to Deurali. From Deurali, it is another 2- to 3-hr hike to Shree Balkori”

Local volunteers, school staff and even students all pitched in to finish up the construction of the new toilet facilities.  Over 100 students and staff now have access to the finished facility, a vast improvement from prior conditions.

This project includes a second school location and work on that site will begin soon.  We’ll be sure to send you future updates as soon as they become available.