The Problem

The Chaco region of Argentina faces high urgency for water management, coupled with inadequate infrastructure resources, unemployment, social marginalization, and environmental degradation from logging and clearing of native forests. The region also faces additional challenges such as a fragile ecosystem and low annual rainfall.

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The Solution

We will be funding the installation of a 16,000 liter ferrocement cistern for the Brez family so that they will have access to a safe water source for daily use as well as for their farm, livestock, and neighboring families.

Donation Team

  • Amitay C.
  • Andrew M.
  • Barbara S.
  • Brandon S.
  • Christine D.
  • Elizabeth R.
  • Fran V.
  • Greg S.
  • Kate W.
  • Laura F.
  • Luke F.
  • Mamta P.
  • Marcie C.
  • Michael M.
  • Nicole H.
  • Sushil D.
  • Sylvia R.
  • In memory of Annie Newman
  • In memory of Kevin Boland
  • In memory of Christine Cauchi

Project Updates

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