The Problem

The Akili Girls Preparatory School is an all girls boarding school supporting girls from Obunga slum and rural Kanyawegi village. There are a few classroom spaces that are unfinished, due to financial limitations when the school was first built.

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    People Served

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    40 Donors

The Solution

We have provided the necessary funding to have two classrooms refurbished and ready to accept students. The completed project includes tiling, doors, windows, painting and furniture.

Donation Team

  • Andrew M.
  • Bonnie T.
  • Carole M.
  • Charlotte D.
  • David L.
  • Denis & Roseanne B.
  • Dina W.
  • Fran V.
  • Elsie R.
  • Frank S.
  • Harriet H.
  • Harrison N.
  • Kira S.
  • Luke F.
  • Mamta P.
  • Marcie C.
  • Martha N.
  • Michael M.
  • Nancy S.
  • Nicole H.
  • Paul M.
  • Pat J.
  • Scott C.
  • Susan B.
  • Sushil D.
  • Tomislav M.
  • In memory of Artie Schmidt
  • In memory of Ava Lardo Valentine
  • In memory of Cathleen Haskins
  • In memory of Jainina Koszarski
  • In memory of John Lewis
  • In memory of Louise Cook
  • In memory of Lorraine Biondo
  • In memory of Maria Knight
  • In memory of Marie Rini
  • In memory of Marie Testa
  • In memory of Maryann Demeo
  • In memory of Robin Greenfield
  • In memory of Tony DeMarco
  • In memory of Veronica Higgens
  • In memory of William Gartung

Project Updates

  • Apr 2021

    • Local laborers were brought in to install the new floor tiles for the empty classroom.

    • New glass is being installed into the classroom windows.

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