The Problem

Ayyalur is a Town Panchayat city in district of Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. This particular community includes 30 families who have become isolated from their neighbors due to the fact that they are living with HIV/AIDS. The targeted families and their children are not allowed to access public toilets due to regional stigma and discrimination of those who are infected with the disease.

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The Solution

Working with the charity SEEDS Trust, we are providing a grant to fund the construction of new toilet facilities for this marginalized community, providing dignity and respect to the local people.Once completed, the new facilities will reduce the risk of communicable diseases and offer the members of the community a much improved life.

Donation Team

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Project Updates

  • Jul 2018

    • Members of the local community met with the staff from SEEDS Trust to hold a preliminary discussion about the project and to make preparations for construction.

  • Aug 2018

    • The first steps being taken for the construction on the pit latrines is the excavation of dug well holes and bricked lined tanks.

    • Each of the latrines will have cinderblock walls to divide up the individual, private toilet spaces.

  • Nov 2018

    • Now complete, this project includes individual toilet facilities for 20 families in the community of Ayyalur in Tamul Nadu, India. All of the families in this area are affected by HIV/AIDS and are often stigmatized by surrounding villages. With the new facilities, these families now have access to a decent and clean private toilet (as opposed to using an open field). This is a vast improvement in their quality of life and socio-economic status.