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The Problem
In the Nicaraguan countryside, families with little means have often lived with very inefficient stoves in their homes.  These stoves require large amount of wood and are poorly ventilated causing heavy smoke to cloud the home resulting in unsafe health conditions for the mothers and families.  In addition, because of the need for a lot of wood for these stoves, the countryside has vast areas of deforestation, which leads to soil erosion and flooding.

The Solution
We provided the funding to have several highly efficient cookstoves built for families.  The construction of the stoves used local labor and materials and were built on site in several homes.  The stoves burn with very little wood and have a ventilation stack to keep the air quality safe in the home.

People Served: 65

Project Management: http://elporvenir.org/

Donation Team:

Greg S., Harriet H., Marcie C., Joe G., Fran V., Patricia J., Toni S., Deborah S., Lola O., Bruce D., Leslie B., Sheila D., Christoph S., Jennifer L., Luke F., Tricia C., James W., Leo W., Andrea S., Amanda L. and the students of Team Bradford.

This project also included donations made in memory of: Lynn Hargraves, Joanne Scaduto Ziegler & Winnie Strunk

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