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The Problem
Situated in a very remote region of the Limi Valley, three village schools have been in desperate need of support for some time now. Thanks to the non-profit Citta who has come in to help support the schools, the students will be receiving much needed assistance. One ongoing problem that they have faced for some time has been the lack of any type of sanitation facility for the students at the schools. Being in such a remote region, acquiring the supplies has been near impossible.

The Solution
Working with the Citta team, we will be funding the purchase of the needed supplies and ensuring it is transported to the region for construction. The finished facilities will be simple, dry stone construction with a septic tank.

People Served: 100

Project Management: http://www.citta.org

Donation Team:

Denis & Roseanne B., David W., Scott C., Trevor Q., Dina W., Kristana T., Joe P., Andrew G., Lou D., Carrie-Ann B., Wendy L., Scot A., Leah Rae Z., Nunzio G., Jennifer L., Amy M., Gary & Janet W., Mike C., Caitlin C., Laura F., Daniel M., Mary F., Anne Marie O., Sebastien T., Deanna & Carlos M., Thomas M., John M., Jeanette W., Marabeth F., Darlene M., Elizabeth R., Andrew M., Jean E., Michael M., Joseph W., Warren N., Dennis H., Carol M., Nicholas T., Yolanda C.

Additional Donations made In Memory of : Anthony G., Mary H., Florence M.

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