The Problem

Collaborating with Aatmiya and Citta, we worked with the Community Hospital of Sitalpati, located in the Sindhuli district of Nepal.  This brand new hospital facility will serve a region of 10 villages and 50,000 people.

When the hospital construction was close to completion, they still needed a water treatment facility that could provide safe water throughout the hospital for both medical procedures and general use.

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The Solution

In this area of the country the hospital is able to access well water, but requires a system to store and distribute treated water that is safe to use within the hospital. We provided the necessary funding to install an underground cistern, as well as a high-grade filtration system.

Donation Team

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Project Updates

  • Apr 2017

    • Local workers have already dug out the site where the new cistern will be built up for water storage.

  • Jul 2017

    • The next phase of the Hospital Water Facility project has been completed with the installation of two above ground PVC tanks. These tanks will be fed by the already completed underground concrete reservoir. The last phase of the project will be the water filtration system which, once  installed, will deliver a safe source of water to the newly completed hospital.

  • Aug 2017

    • The staff at the Community Hospital of Sitalpati in Nepal now have their water filtration system installed, completing the project. The system is in full operation and the patients and medical staff are all using a safe source of water for everyday use as well as for daily surgeries.