The Problem

In two remote regions of the Humla District in Nepal, the local communities – Parangtol and Melchaur – have had to deal with severe hardships over the past eight years, including a massive earthquake, regional flooding, and two years of the pandemic. Nearly two hundred people died of Covid taking away the breadwinners and leaving many families in severe hardship. Those working in farming were severely affected by the lockdown and are still struggling to return to normalcy. For local families already living in poverty and dependent on tourism or migrant workers whose jobs abroad have been lost, the effects have been devastating.

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The Solution

We will be funding the construction of 15 greenhouses that will be built for these vulnerable families. Through a training program, they will be provided with the knowledge and skills to successfully grow a wide variety of vegetables. This will allow them to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on expensive, imported food.

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Project Updates

  • Jun 2023

    • When we started The Project Solution in 2009 we could never have imagined how much change we could make in communities around the world. We are excited to celebrate this milestone event, reaching our 50th project.

  • Jun 2023

    • Jimmy Lama is the project manager based in Nepal who has begun work with the local community. A series of initial meetings was held to present information about the Greenhouse Project and to choose the 15 families who will be the recipients.

  • Jul 2023

    • Materials were delivered to the site and each farmer received the primary materials needed to begin installation.

    • Each farmer attended training sessions to learn about the materials, their use, and how to manage the greenhouses. Local coordinator Mohan Tamang and the greenhouse building expert, Yogi Kayastha oversee the trainings.

  • Sep 2023

    • Eleven greenhouses have been installed at the various family farms. Teams were on hand to ensure the work was done effectively.

  • Dec 2023

    • The final greenhouses are in place and ready for use year round.