The Problem

In the rural farmlands of the state of Orissa in India, there is very little infrastructure. With no access to toilets of any kind (even in most homes), people are forced to use the open fields. When the heavy rains of the monsoons come, this causes an increase in disease. This situation continues in schools where there are no facilities for any of the students or staff.

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The Solution

Working in partnership with the nonprofit Citta, we funded the construction of a new bathroom facility for the students at the Vivekananda School, home to over 150 primary school students.

Donation Team

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  • Tricia C.
  • Marcie C.
  • Birgit D.
  • Birgit D. Sr.
  • Sheila D.
  • Bruce D.
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  • Craig Z.

Project Updates

  • Oct 2010

    • The Vivekananda School sits in the background and there is currently no toilet facility available for the students. The open land to the right is where construction will begin on the new facility.

  • Jan 2011

    • The team in Orissa India have been busy unloading materials to get the construction started for the facilities at the school. We received this information from the ground team:

      “Today we have sent you the photograph of bricks being offloaded from a small truck in the toilet construction place at the primary school. We are going to stock 7000 pieces of bricks for construction. We have now 3000 pieces of bricks at the site and going to have the rest in next 2days. We have a plan to build one latrine and 4 urinals for the boys and one latrine and 4 urinals for the girls. All these will be built in one complex and well separated for boys and girls.”

    • This is an important need that the headmaster of the school had been eager to start for some time.  With the help of the “Orissa Hygiene Project” Donation Team, we are excited to make this a reality for the students.

  • Feb 2011

    • Work continues in Orissa as the ground team frames out and builds the tank area for the new facilities. The team is making great progress and it won’t be long before things are fully completed.

    • Completed tank structure.

  • Mar 2011

    • It was very exciting to be on site and see the progress being made on our project. Having a bathroom facility for the school is a huge need as the children currently have to run out to a field next to the school (regardless of the weather).

    • Looking into the space in the image above, we can start to see the layout. Each side will have one standard “squat toilet” at the back, three urinals and one sink. As is typical in the region, there will be a large holding tank at the back for waste (similar to a cesspool tank that you might find in the U.S.).

    • Here I am not long before my departure from Orissa. The building height is complete and you’ll notice some nice smooth finish plaster work inside on the right side. A roof will be added and everything will be painted. Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

  • May 2011

    • The team in Juanga Village in Orissa have sent us the last photos from the bathroom facility project that we had built. It’s wonderful to see it completed. The finished facility will be an important change for the students and staff at the school. Thanks to all the members of the Donation Team for making this project happen.