The Problem

In rural Nicaragua wood-burning stoves are often the only option within economic reach of rural families, yet they extract a high price both on the environment and on the family’s health. Not having any ventilation system causes smoke to accumulate in the home causing eye and respiratory issues. It is often women and children who suffer the most from this situation. In addition to the smoke issues, these stoves are very inefficient and require a lot of wood. The need for a lot of wood results in deforestation problems which in turn causes regional flooding.

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The Solution

Ten new fuel efficient stoves will be built for local families. The new stoves will be built with local labor and installed with the help of the families that will use them. As part of the project, families will be educated on the proper use of the new stoves and their maintenance. The new stoves use up to 60% less wood than a traditional open fire stove and are properly vented to prevent any build up of smoke inside the home.

Donation Team

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  • Walker N.
  • In memory of Jen Angel
  • In memory of Ronald Walker

Project Updates

  • Nov 2023

    • Example of a typical stove that is currently being used by local families

  • Jan 2024

    • Local workers preparing the form for the new cement stove to be installed in one of the homes.

    • The stove form takes shape with fresh cement. Once dry, the form will be removed and the finished stove will be prepared for use.

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