The Problem

A familiar problem in many communities of North Sulawesi Indonesia, is that the ground water has very high concentrations of salt. This situation forces the local people to have to bring in fresh water from outside sources.

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The Solution

This project included the installation of rainwater catchment tanks that have a filtration system in them to provide a safe source of water for the local community.

Donation Team

  • The Bradford School
  • Melissa K.
  • Sarah W.
  • Jey P.
  • Yiman C.
  • Brian D.
  • Karen K.
  • Manny M.
  • Andre H.
  • Jennifer H.
  • Odu C.
  • Kemi L.
  • Tito R.
  • Patricia M.
  • Lily E.
  • Bob F.
  • Natalie C.
  • Len P.
  • Drew M.
  • Leo W.
  • Chinyere T.
  • Christopher I.
  • Stephen C.
  • Sasha-Is A.
  • Ben F.
  • Lars P.
  • Aislyn Z.
  • Mike M.
  • Farrah V.
  • Dave R.
  • Wendy L.
  • Tom C.
  • Craig Y.
  • Hui-Fei A.
  • William H.
  • Raymond T.

Project Updates

  • Aug 2019

    • The community of Sangkilang was in need of fresh water access for drinking and washing. The original situation had a cement structure for holding rainwater.

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