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The Problem
In the rural farmlands of the state of Orissa in India, there is very little infrastructure. With no access to toilets of any kind (even in most homes), people are forced to use the open fields. When the heavy rains of the monsoons come, this causes an increase in disease. This situation continues in schools where there are no facilities for any of the students or staff.

The Solution
Working in partnership with the non-profit, Citta, we funded the construction of a new bathroom facility for the students at the Vivekananda School, home to over 150 primary school students.

People Served: 150

Project Management: http://www.citta.org

Donation Team:Nicholas T., Warren N., Dennis H., Samora S., Marcie C., Bruce D., Pat J., Leslie B., Joe G., Sheila D., Christoph S., Craig Z., Stu K., Greg S., Joseph T., Jennifer W., Wendy L., Tricia C., Amy N., Luke F., Cindy L., Arthur F., Kevin M., James W., Ashley F., Leo W., Dennis M., Dana R., Jane F., Birgit D. Sr., Birgit D., David W.

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