The Problem

Located in Tamil Nadu India, the Sita Rajaram Public School and the Sita Rajaram Polytechnic College are serving a combine student count of 700. At present they do not have access to a clean source of water.

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The Solution

Working with Community Action for Rural Development, we are funding the installation of a brand new water treatment facility which will allow for purification of the existing water source.

Donation Team

  • Alak T.
  • Albert D.
  • Alisun A.
  • Barbara W.
  • Bonnie T.
  • Caitlin C.
  • Carrie-Ann B.
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  • The Lengyel Family
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  • In memory of Kelley Rae Lewis-Venturo
  • In memory of Mike Monks
  • In Memory of Nancy J. Welden
  • In Memory of Peggy Meyer
  • In memory of Sister Margaret Rose Smyth

Project Updates

  • Aug 2023

    • Materials arrive on site to prepare for the location where the water treatment equipment will be set up.

    • Cement bricks on site for construction to begin.

  • Aug 2023

    • Construction begins to prepare the space where the new water filtration system will be installed for the schools.

  • Sep 2023

    • Exterior of the building that will house the water filtration system.

    • Finished exterior with corrugated metal walls.

  • Oct 2023

    • Ribbon cutting ceremony to present the facility to the school staff and students.

    • Students from the Polytechnic College attending the installation ceremony.