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The Problem
In the village of Mangraul, over five hundred residents have to travel to get access to water. This requires time and energy that could be better used with family and their local economy.

The Solution
Local NGO, Haritika has already created a well for the water and our funding includes the purchase and installation of solar panels to power a water pump for bringing up the water and distributing it into the homes of the locals.

People Served: 500

Project Management: http://haritika.org.in

Donation Team:

Roseanne and Dennis B., Nathan M., Harriet H., Amanda L., Cindy L., Agnieska M., Allen Y., Sarah G., Jane F., Kira S., Thomas C., Samora S., Gary & Janet W., Craig Z., Trevor Q., Albert D., Jackie S., Andrew G., Leah Z., Caitlin C., Laura F., Philip J., Mary F., Florence S., Mary P., Mike C., Kevin M., Jim B., Thomas M., Karla J., Melissa M., Carlos & Deanna M., Daniel M., Marabeth F., Scott C. and Dina W. in honor of The VanDusen Family.

Additional donations have been made in memory of: Irene Chanin, Winifred Strunk and Steve Syrup


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