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The Problem
Located on the small island of Siladen, clean water is in short supply due to poor groundwater. With local water being difficult to find for the local people, fresh water needs to be shipped daily from the mainland at high expense.

The Solution
This project will include the construction of a 1000 liter cistern tank at a local elementary school to serve 120 students as well as the surrounding community.

People Served: 200

Project Management: Learn to Live

Donation Team:

Andrew M., Anne Marie O., Annie L., Christoph S., CJ I., Tricia C., Luke F., Harriet H., Leo W., Jane F., Tom M., Robert F., Kathy H., Edith M., Kimberly S., Agnieszka M., David W., Nathan M., Wiliam Howard C., Scott G., Roseanne and Denis B., Cindy L., Thomas C., Martha N., Craig Z., Trevor Q., Albert D., Jackie S., Laura S., Carrie Ann B., Caitlin C., Laura F., Isobel M., Florence S., Mary F., Lea Rae Z.,Jim B.,Karla Jackson B., Daniel M., Kevin M., Marabeth F.

Additional donations have been made in memory of: John Murray, Phyllis Carey & Mary Meaney

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