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The Problem
Located in the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh in India, Bachevra is a small community with limited to no infrastructure. This issue often impacts both water and sanitation. As with many rural areas of India, lack of sanitation for schools and communities can lead to poor hygiene and cause major health issues for the local residents.

The Solution
Working in partnership with the NGO Haritika, we funded the construction of a new bathroom facility which will serve the students at the adjacent school and also help serve local residents in the community. A new facility such as this not only brings dignity to people, but prevents the spread of disease.

People Served: 150

Project Management: http://haritika.org.in

Donation Team:

Jacqueline V., Logan T., Patricia R., Nerissa C., Joe G., Greg S., Steve S., Leslie B., Adriana M., Dard C., Pat J., Harriet H., Bruce D., Roseanne B.: In Memory of Mary G., Roseanne B.: In Memory of Isaac B., Roseanne B.: In Memory of Winifred M., Jane F., Eric O., Larry W.

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