The Problem

In the Shauri Yako slums of Kenya, educational programs, support services and even having a general location for community gatherings are limited. The Shauri Yako Community Center was a safe haven and valuable resource for thousands of local people to use for many years. Unfortunately, the years of heavy use and general erosion from the weather left the facility in unsafe conditions and was at risk of shutting down.

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The Solution

We provided critical funds required to have the old facility removed and a new facility was built on the same site. The new construction used stone and mortar to ensure years of longevity. The finished center is of huge importance to the local community.

Donation Team

  • Michael Emerson
  • Carrie Preston

Project Updates

  • Mar 2013

    • We are collaborating with The Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre located in Kenya. The center is located in one of the local slums and has been serving as a drop-in center, educational facility and community center for over 10 years. The building itself was built with lumber and metal sheeting and has become physically unstable after years of use. With the funding we are providing they will be using a new stone construction to create a more secure facility and continue serving the local community. The center serves 5400 people annually.

  • Mar 2013

    • Work is underway at the Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre in Kenya. The old structure has been removed and a new foundation is being prepared. The new building will come next as stone arrives to create the walls.  The chairman of SYSC Joe Mwai, had this to say about the project,

      “Thanks to your generosity, we are now well on our way to rebuilding our facility to make it safe and stable.  Since receiving your first donation in mid-February, we have dismantled the structure of our old centre. It was constructed of timber and iron-sheeting, and was in very poor shape due to wear and erosion. We procured the supplies needed to lay new foundation, including sand, ballast and stones, and retained a mason and three labourers for the construction work. We are happy to report that we have now completed the underground foundation walls that will support the building. The next step is to set the house, fill in the remaining part of the floors and construct new walls.”

    • We are looking forward to seeing more of the structure get built as the work continues. Having this center available to the local community is extremely important as it serves multiple needs ranging from safe haven to an outlet for educating and empowering individuals.

    • The walls are nearly finished at the Youth Center in Kenya.  The local masons have been working hard to complete their work as the new Youth Center takes shape. The next phase of the construction will include framing and installing a new roof, as well as putting in the doors and windows. For all of the people in the area who participate in the various programs offered by the center, this is a welcome improvement to the structure.

  • May 2013

    • All the walls are up and the preparation for a new roof is underway in Kenya. The construction team has been making great progress in getting the new building finished, and it won’t be long before members of the local community will return to take part in all of the important programming that the Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre offers.

      Serving over 5,000 people per year, the center is a hub of activity and events and having a new space will be a huge improvement over the previous building that was become unsafe for continued use.

  • Jun 2013

    • The roof has been installed over the Youth Center in Kenya.  This project will finish up once the doors and windows have been installed. All of the local community will gain continued access to the programming that this important facility offers throughout the year.

      Great work by all the locals who handled the construction and to the everyone at the SYSC Team for managing a great non-profit for the people of Kenya.

  • Jul 2013

    • The Shauri Yako Youth Centre is now complete and already being used by local residents in Kenya. The image of the finished structure shows the vast improvement from the unsafe structure they were previously using. The program Chair Joe Mwai, had this to say “Your generous support will enable us to continue providing support and creating development opportunities for the greatly underprivileged people in Shauri Yako. The youth here are very excited about SYSC’s new home and eagerly await the chance to participate in future programs. Thanks to your help, we are feeling positive, excited and renewed about the work we are doing through SYSC.”