Please note that at this time The Project Solution is no longer accepting unsolicited grant proposals.

Our Mission

To promote global citizenship and to create quantifiable change in distressed areas of the world.

What We Fund

The Project Solution is dedicated to creating solutions for communities in need throughout the world by providing small grants to fund a specific infrastructure project. Our focus is on projects that are “ready to go” but lack the funding necessary to begin work. We look for projects that are relatively small but when completed, will make a big impact on the local people. We are focused on sustainability and commitment from the community and the charity we work with to see things through to the end and ensure projects are maintained in the future.

When we indicate infrastructure projects, these are some examples of the types of projects we might fund:

  • The construction of toilet/sanitation facilities
  • The installation of water taps or the extension of existing water taps
  • The construction of a classroom
  • The installation of rainwater catchment tanks

Projects Outside of our Criteria

Our focus is specifically on projects with a physical end product. Examples of projects that we are unable to fund include:

  • Administrative or operational costs
  • Child sponsorships/school fees
  • Staff salaries
  • Training or educational programs
  • Research costs

Where We Work

Our work is focused on collaborating with small communities in developing countries where small grants can make a big impact. To date, we have funded projects in Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Kenya, Cameroon, Zambia, Uganda, India, Nepal, Tibet and Indonesia.

Budget Restrictions

We are focused on seeking out applications where finances receive the maximum use of spending. Project budgets generally average between $1500 – $3500 (U.S. Dollars). In certain situations we may consider providing finishing funds if your organization already has some of the funding in place.

Unfortunately, we cannot consider funding any project that exceeds $5000.

How We Fund Projects

The Project Solution offers a unique model to donors under our “Subscription for Change” program. Individuals sign up with us for an annual donation and we in turn pool these donations, using 100% of the money we receive to form Donation Teams to fund projects.

How We Issue our Grants

Organizations that are awarded a grant from The Project Solution should expect payments in installations, not lump sums. After each milestone is met, subsequent payments will be made. This process allows us to see the progress of a project and report back to the Donation Team funding your project.

Grant payments are sent via PayPal, physical cheque, bank transfer or other online payment services. Any bank or third party transfer fees are deducted from the awarded grant.