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We are working to build a community of donors who help provide funding to a community in need. All of the donations from our Subscription for Change program goes directly to projects throughout the world.

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A Subscription for Change

Sign up and help improve a new community every year. It's a subscription to change the world.

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By the Numbers

Take a look at some of the places we've already made an impact. Every year we are working with new communities.

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Specifically designed to work with schools, The 10-Cent Project Solution is a program that allows students the opportunity to get involved in helping children throughout the world with dimes!

We are seeking out schools that might need help with one particular thing such as classroom furniture, a new blackboard or supplies.  For these projects we are looking at small budgets of around $100-$300.  We work to pair up an international school in need with a local school in the United States that will do a fundraiser to raise this money.

This program is the educational component of The Project Solution and is headed up by Kevin Yuhas.  Kevin is a seasoned educator who has been part of the New York City school system for over ten years.  Learn more about Kevin at our “About Us” page.

Archive of The 10-Cent Project Solution projects.